The most interesting places in the neighborhood

Pobierowo – a seaside holiday village – mostly associated with the careless relaxing on the sunny beach. However, it is noteworthy that the seaside location, sandy beaches, and the pine forests are not the only advantages of this place. Especially for you, we have prepared a compilation of the most interesting sights and ideas of how you can spend your free time.

1. Bike Trails

Location: Pobierowo (1,3 km)

Discover by bike the charms of Pobierowo and its surroundings! Bike trails here are rather numerous, of different lengths and suitable for everyone : kids, adults and elderly people. Take a break from driving a car and visit the Baltic seaside, Rewal, Pogorzelica, Pustkowo, and Niechorze on a bicycle.


2. Tennis Courts

Location: Pobierowo (0,7 km)

Take your favourite tennis racket and stay active during your stay! A professional tennis court center awaits you at Pobierowo. Five courts are perfectly prepared for playing tennis, with a professional Wimbledon 20 synthetic surface and floodlighting, so that you can keep on playing even after dark.


3. Canoeing

Location: Chełm Gryficki (24,4 km)

Go rafting or plan a canoe trip! Discover the wonders of the Rega valley! Rega being the largest West Pomeranian river and debouching into the Baltic Sea in Mrzeżyna. You can start the adventure at any place going from Świdwin, Łobzo, Resk, Płoty, Gryfice or Trzebiatów, up to the Rega issue in Mrzeżyna.
Rafting is a perfect way for a whole family to spend free time.


4. Ropes Course "Polskie Morze"

Location: Pobierowo (1,0 km)

Unforgettable experiences, adrenalin rises and outdoor activity is what awaits you at the ropes course „Polskie Morze” in Pobierowo. The ropes course is located on the beautiful area covered with forest, just next to the Baltic coast. Courses are of diversified difficulty level, 58 obstacles and 64 platforms – it is an offer for both, the beginners, and the experienced lovers of active holidays.


5. Gothic Church Ruins On The Scarp (Trzęsacz)

Location: Trzęsacz (6,4 km)

The cliff coastline with picturesque ruins in Trzęsacz is an exceptional sight of the Pobierowo neigborhood. Nowadays, we may only see the remains of the St. Nicholas Church built in the late 14th and early 15th centuries. Discover its history and legends related to the sea constantly taking away the remaining parts of the church.


6. Butterfly House (Niechorze)

Location: Niechorze (11,9 km)

This is a magical place, where we can see many exotic butterfly species from all over the world. Get to know their habits and admire the colors of these creatures. The place has an indoor microclimate created in order to give butterflies perfect living and flying conditions.


7. Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway (Rewal)

Location: Rewal (7,8 km)

The seaside narrow-gauge railway is more than 120 years old! It set off for the first time from Gryfice to Niechorze on July 1st, 1896. The Gryfice Acces Railway came to be considered as the historic edifice by virtue of putting it in the National Register Of Historic Monuments. These days, the Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway, created by virtue of the Rewal District Council’s decision, is the carrier on the Gryfice-Pogorzelica route. As part of the revitalisation works and thanks to the EU dotations, the old railroad was modernised, the rolling stock was renewed and the historic railway stations were renovated. On the Rewal station we may now admire the exhibition of the miniature railways.


8. Lighthouse in Niechorze (Niechorze)

Location: Niechorze (11,9 km)

The location of the building is incredibly stunning for it uprises from the 22-meter cliff. When it comes to the height of light, it is the second best lighthouse at the polish Baltic Sea. It is worth the effort of climbing the 208 steps to reach the point view. The beautiful panorama unfolds from here to the sea and to the picturesque surroundings of Niechorze. The lighthouse in Niechorze is one of the most beautiful sights of this type at the polish Baltic Sea.